Classical / Orchestral / Cinematic Composer

No standard music will be found in this space. No melodic cliches and prefabricated harmonies. What will you find here, then? Only real music, big melodies and a personal and passional approach to it. My music has a tree quality to it. The trunk of strong instrumentation is able to sustain a tree crown  that shelters huge multicoloured melodic leaves, able to pass the test of time, and both luminous or dark motives. Mind you: anything can happen during the lenght of every composition. Each one is a journey full of surprises...



This album is the first, direct exhibition of the worlds of sound that manifest in my head to the listener. No intermediate intentions apart from sharing a crystal ball filled with melodies, harmonies and atmospheres, complex, haunting and fluid, mostly luminous but also dark, epic and melancholic, because in the same way everything fits inside a magician´s hat, everything has a place in music.


This album is my second attempt to conjure up trees made out of music. Now it is in your hands to decide if you want to take care of them...


From the idea of a collaboration single between David Vázquez and myself, and propelled by the artistic success of the blend of our styles, we both decided to take that partnership a step further, ending up with a full LP. "The Transient" is the result of an unconventional ambient seed plus the richness of the orchestral palette.


Although containing music from before and after Prince´s death, it is the aim of this LP to celebrate his one-in-a-lifetime, unique soul and glittery talent, and particularly the fact that, although already reunited with the One Trascendence, where no difference exists, he left a mark in the canvas that space-time is, where difference does exist.



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